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        Personal Statement Motivation Letter Application Letter recommendation letter Admission Essay

        留学申请动机信模板-International Communication master degree

        论文价格: 免费 时间:2021-06-23 14:16:36 来源:www.hsltc.com 作者:留学作业网
        motivation letter留学申请动机信怎么写,有没有模板?本文是一篇跨专业申请的研究生,本科专业是音乐教育,想申请国际传播学硕士。主要内容是学生对个人成长经历,家庭背景,兴趣爱好以及社会实践等方面进行阐述,满足了一篇完整的motivation letter所应该包括的所有内容,供各位参考。
        motivation letter留学申请动机信要怎么写
        motivation letter留学申请动机信要怎么写
        Dear Sir/Madam,
        I am writing to apply for becoming a member of Vilnius University in the International Communication Major. My name is XX, male, 24 years old. I am from a very open-minded family in XX, XX province, China. Under the care of my parents and other elders, I have been very cheerful, curious, and have a wide range of hobbies. In 2013, because of my love for music, I chose a local college with a major in art education. During the three years of study, I systematically studied the theoretical and practical knowledge of music and education, which laid a foundation for my initial understanding of the art education industry. At the same time, during my interaction with students from other universities, I found that there is still room for further improvement in my profession. Under the introduction and recommendation of my teachers and friends, I was successfully admitted to the Professional Music Education Program of the Lithuanian University of Education and Science in 2016. The degree is undergraduate and the academic system is three years. In the past three years, I have not only learned more profound music education theories, more importantly, my knowledge has been greatly improved. I understand that people's views on music, education and other issues are so different in different cultural backgrounds. These differences have not only completely changed my original understanding of music education, but also made me realize that culture is pluralistic. Each culture has its own cuteness, so that people of different cultural backgrounds can understand and communication with each other, which is a very interesting thing. Based on my changes in world outlook, thinking styles and hobbies, and as China's Belt and Road projects are increasingly responding to many countries including Lithuania, the cultural and economic communication between the countries concerned will become more frequent and close, these have made me more and more interested in the work of international communication. After careful consideration, I made a decision to study for a International Communication master degree at Vilnius University.
        Vilnius University is one of the oldest, academic and most influential universities in Lithuania. The inclusive, enlightened academic atmosphere, frequent international academic exchanges, beautiful campus environment, and perfect subject configuration are all reasons for why I am applying. The international communication major is dedicated to cultivating talents with high-level international communication theory, good moral cultivation, world vision and international vision, this educational goal and concept are very compatible with my personal goals and motivations of study.
        Although I was not a major in international communication when I was an undergraduate and junior college student, I am relatively cheerful and have a good command of English communication. During my studies, I have maintained good personal relationships with friends from all over the world. For the traits of other cultures and how to conduct effective cross-cultural communication, I have a high degree of understanding and mastery. At the same time, at the undergraduate level, I have participated in cultural exchange activities in China and Lithuania many times, and have a deep understanding and rich experience in some etiquette, skills and knowledge in international communication. At the same time, I conducted self-study on the theoretical knowledge of many international exchanges, and took courses at the undergraduate level and attended courses related to international exchanges. My knowledge reserves and experience are of great help to my future master's degree.
        If I am fortunate enough to be admitted to the Vilnius University, I hope that in the future, I will engage in research on topics related to culture, education and music in international communication, including how to promote mutual understanding and tolerance among different cultures through the exchange of culture, education and music, to discuss the interaction between cultural, educational, musical communication and economic, political exchanges, to study cultural, educational, and musical communication strategies in the context of religious conflicts, and so on After graduating in the future, I hope to return to China to work in international exchanges and contribute my expertise and skills to international exchanges between China and other countries, especially those in the Belt and Road.
        Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
        Respectfully yours
        motivation letter也就是动机信,是留学文书中较为常见的一种,主要用于申请各种专业,学位等所必要的申请材料之一,以上提供的motivation letter留学动机信模板供广大有留学计划的学生朋友们参考,望各位都能成功申请到理想的大学。本站还提供各类留学文书写作指导。

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