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        英国essay 澳洲essay 美国essay 加拿大essay MBA Essay Essay格式范文

        电子商务Essay格式范文模板:Alibaba’s Space in E-Commerce

        论文价格: 免费 时间:2022-08-30 09:54:52 来源:www.hsltc.com 作者:留学作业网

        本文是电子商务专业的留学生Essay范例,题目是“Alibaba’s Space in E-Commerce(阿里巴巴的电商空间)”,在当今世界,互联网已成为从网上购物到网上银行等一切的来源。 与 1990 年代中期技术开始发展之前相比,实体市场变得不那么活跃。 尽管有些人可能会积极地将互联网视为收入来源,但不知道使用互联网时所承担的风险。

        Jack Ma founded Alibaba, and the platform developed to becoming a giant in e-commerce. Alibaba is a grand site for B2B operations. It gives exporters a chance to post their products for buyers to browse through and make orders. The site has grown to become the most significant in China, and it is set to expand its operations in the global business arena. The impact of the company ensures the integration of online and offline shopping, implementation of suitable logistics, and application viable data transmission approaches to achieve its goals.


        Further, Alibaba focuses on transforming the world through technology. It offers services to various societies and groups that need it, especially the marginalized communities. Markedly, Alibaba focuses on extensive market penetration, domestic and global expansion, online retail innovation, and concentric diversion in a broader landscape.


        Alibaba is the leading e-commerce company in the world. The firm foresees the online and mobile marketplaces in both retail and wholesale trade (Jia & Kenney, 2016). Its corporate culture and vision are promoting sustainable development of society. Alibaba has opened up several e-business platforms for various operations by providing different innovative technologies enabling it to compete domestically and globally. The success of the company has been attributed to its founder and leader, Jack Ma, who is currently the richest man in China with a net worth of $25billion (Tan et al., 2009). The company’s operational strategies have enabled it to thrive on a global scale through B2B platforms.

        阿里巴巴是全球领先的电子商务公司。该公司预测零售和批发贸易中的在线和移动市场(Jia & Kenney,2016 年)。其企业文化和愿景正在推动社会的可持续发展。阿里巴巴通过提供不同的创新技术,为各种业务开辟了多个电子商务平台,使其能够在国内和全球竞争。公司的成功归功于其创始人兼领导人马云,他目前是中国首富,拥有 250 亿美元的净资产(Tan et al., 2009)。该公司的运营战略使其能够通过 B2B 平台在全球范围内蓬勃发展。

        It has been part of the success story of various Chinese factories, suppliers, and buyers. Its operations have been enhanced by its business group that involves seven subsections; Alibaba Small Business Operations, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba International Business Operations, Juhuasuan, eTao, and Alibaba Cloud Computing. This article reviews the various factors critical in the enhancement of the operations of the company in the world’s complex online trading.


        The Scope of Alibaba’s Operations阿里巴巴的经营范围

        Alibaba provides a platform for various online business activities. The company, through alibaba.com, allows Chinese suppliers to connect with their clients. The platform is a mediator between buyers, sellers, and suppliers of various commodities. Alibaba’s influence is far-reaching, considering it offers services in multiple nations, including the US, India, Pakistani, and Thailand (Huang et al., 2009). It is critical to note that most of the suppliers on the Alibaba platform are from China. However, there is an opportunity for different sellers to transact their business on the site despite their different nationalities.

        阿里巴巴为各种在线商业活动提供平台。 该公司通过 alibaba.com 允许中国供应商与他们的客户建立联系。 该平台是各种商品的买家、卖家和供应商之间的中介。 阿里巴巴的影响力是深远的,因为它在多个国家提供服务,包括美国、印度、巴基斯坦和泰国(Huang et al., 2009)。 值得注意的是,阿里巴巴平台上的大多数供应商都来自中国。 但是,尽管国籍不同,不同的卖家都有机会在网站上进行业务交易。

        Either way, the firm earns from the margins of the transactions on the site. There are also membership premiums that enable it to charge its members, thus enhancing its earnings. The company offers low membership prices plus discounts and bonuses for its buyers; therefore, its burgeoning client base is inevitable. Qing et al. (2009) note that in three years, the membership of US buyers has risen from 2-7 million. With the rise in membership, the cross-border buyers make more than 10,000 orders daily (Qing et al., 2009). Therefore, the platform serves a significant number of clients on a rather large marketplace.

        Alibaba as a B2B Platform阿里巴巴作为B2B平台

        Alibaba offers the best B2B services that are evident in the various services that it delivers. It connects businesses considering the link between buyers and sellers of products and services. The company was the first to implement such a mode of business operation in China; thus, it gained significant influence in the area before any other company (Wu et al., 2010). Alibaba, on its B2B activities, gives a chance to the international buyers and domestic buyers to coordinate with the local suppliers forming a two-sided network. It is vital to note that Alibaba expands its activities by first focusing on one side of the business operation.

        阿里巴巴提供最好的 B2B 服务,这在其提供的各种服务中显而易见。 考虑到产品和服务的买卖双方之间的联系,它将企业联系起来。 公司在国内率先实施这种经营模式; 因此,它比任何其他公司在该领域获得了重大影响(Wu et al., 2010)。 阿里巴巴在其B2B活动中,为国际买家和国内买家提供了与当地供应商协调的机会,形成了一个双边网络。 值得注意的是,阿里巴巴通过首先关注业务运营的一方面来扩展其活动。

        For instance, the company has often focused on the buyers’ team to ensure it captures the attention of both sides of the platform. In this case, the company offers low prices in the form of a subscription fee for the buyers. This attracts the buyers and exposes them to more suppliers that are reliable, and this promotes the customer base. Hence, there is an increase in suppliers who take care of client needs. This supports an overall network of operations. This approach has been useful for the company since it now has a global impact.

        The Competition in E-Commerce电子商务的竞争

        The online space is open to various developers that need to implement their operations to enhance online trading. Alibaba has a fair share of competitors that also aim at promoting economic globalization. The development of internet technology and networking allows various companies with often one target market to compete for opportunities to survive. In China, Made-In-China.com and GlobalSources.com also channel B2B operations (Wu et al., 2010). However, Alibaba has the edge over the companies considering the strategies that it has put in place to achieve the largest market share.

        在线空间向需要实施其操作以增强在线交易的各种开发人员开放。 阿里巴巴有相当多的竞争对手也旨在促进经济全球化。 互联网技术和网络的发展使得往往只有一个目标市场的各种公司可以竞争生存的机会。 在中国,Made-In-China.com 和 GlobalSources.com 也为 B2B 运营提供渠道(Wu et al., 2010)。 然而,考虑到它为实现最大市场份额而制定的战略,阿里巴巴比其他公司更具优势。

        Factors Enhancing Alibaba’s Operation增强阿里巴巴运营的因素

        Economic and network globalization allows an increase in business competition because the world is highly dynamic, and there are changing customer needs. In this case, Alibaba has managed to maintain its position in the business world. It has been able to operate under the tech pressure, thus maximizing its sales and profitability. One of the strategies that Alibaba has implemented is the delivery of its service to its clients at a fair price (Huang et al., 2009). The company can achieve the delivery of quality services at lower costs because of the type of technology it engages in its operation. This directly relates to the platform’s type of payment platform, Alipay.

        The online payment platform for Alibaba safeguards all online transactions and monitors all activities ensuring that there are minimal cases of fraud. This payment platform offered by Alibaba is ideal since it allows the tracking of goods and services as a third party holds the payment money. Therefore, the least risk and trading costs are promoting the activities on Alibaba.com.

        阿里巴巴的在线支付平台保护所有在线交易并监控所有活动,确保将欺诈事件降至最低。 阿里巴巴提供的这种支付平台非常理想,因为它允许在第三方持有支付款项时跟踪商品和服务。 因此,以最小的风险和交易成本推动阿里巴巴的活动。



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