"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
"Give and it shall be given unto you."

Why give a love offering?

Help us build the kingdom of God. Satan is winning souls to his kingdom everyday. Help us plant seeds for the harvest. Many don't know the precious truths of the bible and how to practically live out these truths. Many are unaware of the last day events. Help Save Lives Through Christ Ministries is dedicated to soul winning, and bringing those in darkness to the marvelous light of Jesus. 

These are our ministry needs: KJV bibles, flah drives, equipment, books, supplies and prayer.  

Love offering instructions
If you are on your phone or mobile device (ipad, tablet etc.).
Click the donate button. If you have a Paypal account it's easier and faster, click pay with PayPal and follow the steps. Our Paypal email is chefsmith@heavenshealthykitchen.com 





Shower Power
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Help Save Lives Through Christ Ministries Truth, Present, Bible, Help, Studies, Health, Life, Save, Christ        Your love offering sends religious literature and religious books across the globe

Your love offering provides food, toiletries and religious tracts to the homeless and the needy