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Operation Help is a Non-Profit Organization that helps the homeless, less fortunate and needy. It is located in Memphis Tn. started by Emmanuel Smith, a humanitarian among many other things. Emmanuel has a passion and a God given inspiration to help people in general, and especially those in need.

Jesus has told us it's our duty to help the needy in Matthew 25:35-39. You can help by clicking on the donate button and by sending an email to presentdaytruth7@yahoo.com. Put operation help donate in the subject, and tell us what your donating and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Money is not the only thing we are asking for and taking; we accept items through postal mail. Send an email to the one listed above to get the address to send items for the needy. things that are needed are small backpacks, non perishable food items, towels (bath and face), soap, water and so much more. I will gladly keep you posted on your contribution and how it has helped the less fortunate. Everyone can make a difference and it's not the size of gift, but the love of God in you, to give what you can.

Give a love offering today

This video is so inspiring. I want to do everything in my power to help people!!
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